World renowned International Healer & Guinness Book of World Record Holder

It all started when Dr. B. K. Chandra Shekhar started his journey of enquiry about healing during hospitalization period for treatment of cancer. The doctors were not hopeful and he was placed in the dangerously ill list (DIL). At this juncture, because of his abiding faith in God, practice of Raj Yoga and spirituality, he sought divine intervention. God blessed him and he found answers to all the questions and the way to his healing through supreme power of mind. Incorporating these divine directions in letter & spirit, he not only recovered miraculously but also developed his mind & memory power through concentration and Psycho Neurobics Exercises (Advance Yoga). The Almighty Father directed him, thereafter, to spread His teachings to all, as an integrated mind medicine for achieving Holistic Health and Everlasting Happiness. Over the years, he has healed many from the incurable diseases. In fact, many of the healed, have turned healers and are sharing his technique of holistic health.

                                 A thought becomes an extremely potent healing force when it comes from a peaceful mind. A focused thought that springs from the deeper recesses of our mind, in a moment of grief, despair, dire need, or compassion has the ability to turn and trace a path within one’s consciousness, to reach the source. These thoughts are called strong healing vibrations of the Invisible Doctor. God has gifted us with a perfect and permanent guide, invisible and dwelling in our subconscious mind. Our world is run by this inner guide/master or Invisible Doctor according to a series of immutable natural laws-laws created by the same force of nature that built the world and sent us here. These are the laws that have governed the operation of the world since it began. They include core principles such as knowledge, peace, purity, love, happiness, bliss and power. The Invisible Doctor is also known as the inner voice of the soul.

We cannot play any game without rules. Life is like a game as well and in order to play and win, it is essential to be aware of the rules. Learning the rules of the game takes effort, deep thinking in silent places, and a genuine willingness to meet the Invisible Doctor, who is full of wisdom.
                                                                                                The soul’s real friend is the Invisible Doctor (inbuilt virtues in the intuitive mind or conscience). When we are soul-conscious, the original qualities of truth, peace, love, joy, purity, power, and bliss as well as secondary qualities of divine virtues emerge naturally on the screen of the mind as thoughts, desires, visions, feelings and so on. Since the primary and secondary qualities are interconnected, by focusing our attention or intellect on any of these qualities for a period of time we are able to change the state of our consciousness enabling us to enjoy holistic health and happiness.