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Science of Self-Healing

Psycho Neurobics is the exercises of transferring spiritual Energy in neuron cells by connecting psyche (mind) to the Supreme Source of Spiritual Energy (GOD). It is the best methodology to guide your mind in order to utilize mind power for creative work, to heal your body and to keep body and mind healthy. It is a trident approach with neuron-muscular-respiratory action, sound vibrations and visualization of different colors of invisible healing rays coming from the Almighty GOD make Psychoneurobics highly
effective to ensure a cure of various diseases.

Why do people trust Psychoneurobics

Psycho Neurobics is one of the best modality that connects aerobics (exercises) to the psyche (mind) in order to guide your mind to utilize your mind power for creative work, to heal your body and to keep your body and mind healthy.


Balances Body & Mind

Balance your body and mind with Psychoneurobics


Reduces Stress

PsychoNeurobics healing ensures the smooth flow of energies in the chakras.


Memory & Concentration

Improve several cognitive functions, like focus, concentration, memory.


Spiritual Consciousness

Enhances your self awareness and Everlasting happiness.

About Us

Invisible Doctors is a subsidiary of Sigfa Solutions, The main objective of this society is to spread the practical teachings of SIGFA (Spiritual Incorporeal God Father Almighty) specially related to health, mind, memory empowerment, ancient yoga and mindfulness techniques in order to provide holistic health to bring health and happiness in every one’s life. It all started when Dr. B. K. Chandra Shekhar started his journey of inquiry about healing during hospitalization period for treatment of cancer. The doctors were not hopeful, and he was placed in the dangerously ill list (DIL). At this juncture, because of his abiding faith in God, practice of Raj Yoga and spirituality, he sought divine intervention. God blessed him, and he found answers to all the questions
and the way to his healing through supreme power of mind. Incorporating these divine directions in letter & spirit, he not only recovered miraculously, but also developed his mind & memory power through concentration and Psycho Neurobics Exercises (Advance Yoga). The Almighty Father directed him, thereafter, to spread His teachings to all, as an integrated mind medicine for achieving Holistic Health and Everlasting Happiness. Over the years, he has healed many from the incurable diseases. In fact, many of the healed, have turned healers and are sharing his technique of holistic health.


We are living at the apex of a vast pyramid of human development. But still major challenges face us in our day-to-day lives, leaving most of us troubled, uncertain, and confused. The search for happy, healthy and contented life is an eternal quest of mankind and the ultimate ambition and end state of all our endeavors, hopes and plans.

With the Divine Grace of Spiritual Incorporeal God Father Almighty (SIGFA), we aim to share the secrets of Health and Happiness to all. These are not our solutions, but the solutions provided by the Almighty. This is achieved by keeping the Spiritual Currents moving in human body with the help of Psycho Neurobics. This Psycho-Medico-Spiritual way helps achieve health & happiness, by continuous rejuvenation and not allowing our life to stagnate.

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Dr. B K Chandra Shekhar

   World renowned International Healer & Guinness Book of World Record Holder


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Self Activation of Chakras of Invisible Doctors

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