Aura Machine with box


Aura Machine with box




Product Description

Application of Aura Scanner

Geopathic Stress:

This is harmful Geo-magnetic Radiation coming from within the earth. Upon Continuous exposure to this Radiation one can attract Health Hazards. It also affects growth & Prosperity. It affects Humans, Animals & Plants too.

The Aura scanner locates the Nodal Point of the Geopathic Stress Zones passing thru the Vaastu. It can be neutralized by putting certain gadgets in the form of strips/rods made of assorted minerals & crystal powder.

Before making Any Structural Vaastu changes or Putting Energy-Enhancing gadgets, it is imperative to puncture this Geopathic Stress coming from Down under. This is the Most Important Tool a Modern Vaastu Consultant must Have.

Seven Chakras :

Chakras in body are energy centers that charges various organs associated with it. Besides certain Emotional/Psychological/Mental attributes are also associated with these chakras. So depletion of energy in a chakra results in the change in thought process disturbing the emotions/energy & finally body gets affected. A therapists must determine which chakra is affected i.e. (having Less Energy) before applying any therapy.

The Aura Scanner scans these Seven Chakras accurately & lead the Therapists to choose & Apply correct therapy compatible to the client. The scanner can check if Energy has been restores post therapy & certify that the Treatment is giving Results. The Pranic Healers, Reiki Masters, Radical Healers will immensely benefit from the Use of Aura Scanner.

Navratna for navgrahas (Gem Stones)

Nav Graha Tatvas should be balanced in the Body. It so happens that at the time of our birth one or more planets could be in depletion & the same deficiency remains in the body. Such Person can not enjoy benefits of that Graha Tatva. It is a common practice to wear Navgraha stones to balance the deficiency.

Traditionally the deficiency is determined by Kundli or by viewing palmistry. But since the deficiency is directly related with body it is also physical in nature, The Aura scanner scans it correctly & also helps to choose the most positive & compatible stone for the Client. Not only this The Aura scanner accurately determines in which finger to wear & in what metal (Gold / Silver / Copper)to wear. The Gemstones Dealer/Astrologers must use Aura Scanner in their Practice.

Positivity and Compatibility

All that we wear & use must be Positive & Compatible so that the energy resonates & we experience Bliss. In the same manner if all persons with whom we relate, do business, hang out are positive & compatible ,the association is fruitful & enjoyable. We experience this in Marriage, Business, Friendship & Relatives.

Aura scanner scans Positivity / negativity of any person or object accurately. It also checks compatibility between two persons or person to object. Medicine/food compatibility can also be checked.

Detection of external energy

We all are aware that certain frequencies emit extra- ordinary negative energies. Commonly known as spirits. They can be found in Vaastu / Aura or Body. One should not interfere with these beings unless sure about corrective measures.

The Aura scanner correctly locates presence of such frequencies call InfraRed(IR) &Ultra-violet( UV).


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